About The Alexander Technique


Improving the way we use our body

The Alexander Technique helps us improve the way we use our body in everyday life, not by learning what to "do" but by preventing ourselves from doing what we don't need to do. We learn it through hands on and verbal guidance.

"Thank you for giving me my life back!" Eileen


Working together

We're all in the same boat in that we all tense up and pull ourselves down. In Alexander lessons we learn to direct our bodies, think 'up', so we can use ourselves better, whenever we choose.

The Technique isn't a therapy but learning can be therapeutic. Alexander's teachings are brought to life when two people work to his principles,  together, as a team.  

"Ian's method is to involve you in the whole process. It's as though you are both discovering the possibilities of what you can do, together."  Richard

About lessons

Alexander Technique lessons in St Dogmaels, Cardigan, Pembrokeshire

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