45 minute Alexander Lessons

Everyday activities including using a chair

Chair work

Getting in and out of a chair is an everyday activity which all of us do frequently, but not usually as efficiently as we could. 

To sit and stand better, we have to direct ourselves before going into movement so that our head and knees go away from each other, the opposite of what most of us do habitually. 

Descending into a chair can be like going into a squat which the chair gently breaks. We learn to enjoy the journey of moving from standing to sitting instead of rushing, looking for the chair with our bottom and losing our balance. 

Lots of repetition and practice is needed but we can learn a huge amount from this simple work. When, in response to the idea of carrying out a movement we don't usually think about, we change our direction, we may feel lighter, more free, more open. Our breathing is likely to improve. 

If we feel worried or down, a bit of Alexander work in front of a chair tends almost magically to lift our spirits. 

Lying down on the table


Lessons usually include some lying down work on the table. 
Being supine on a flat surface helps us to enjoy the wholeness of our back and allows us to practise giving directions without trying to do anything. 
This part of the lesson may feel like therapy but as we lie on the table we're engaged in the process of helping ourselves. 
We're learning to think our way into a more integrated and open way of being. 

"I gave my Alexander directions before starting playing the piano this morning - and it really did make a difference. So quite apart from the swimming you have facilitated a difference to my piano playing and hopefully my teaching." Andrew

"I’m very glad I was able to do the Alexander Technique sessions with you, Ian. I can see I’ve gotten stuck in some bad habits which it's never too late to change.You are a gifted healer, in so many ways." Alene

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