The Alexander Technique

A learning process, not a therapy

F.M Alexander (1869 to 1955) made some key discoveries about the human condition. His principles of inhibition and direction are very important because they put us in touch with our own nature and help prevent us from going horribly wrong.  

Freedom of movement and the the flow and breath of life are always a hair's breadth away. But because of our end-gaining habits we go round continuing to block our own energy. 

Over time, with Alexander work, we get better at knowing when we're doing this and so begin to stop making things so difficult for ourselves.

"I have been practising 'neck free' this morning at work, it would seem to be helping as it’s got to this time without me rubbing my neck once or having to stretch out to relieve tension in my shoulders, I normally get to that stage by about 10am!"  Donna

Working on ourselves, together

In Alexander lessons, teacher and pupil work together, using Alexander's principles to find our flow, to move and breathe more easily, like we did as children. To get back in touch with our own nature, we use conscious thought. 

We're not learning to get anything right, we're learning to get out of our own way and let things be, as nature intended. 

Alexander Technique lessons in St Dogmaels, Cardigan, Pembrokeshire